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This is new, we are rather new and unfolding. 

We have 33 suppliers and very many products for your person, home, office, gifts and needs and enjoyment.

Located in Niwot, Colorado between Boulder and Longmont to the NE, Niwot has a major problem and it is hard to overcome this dilemma.  It should be easy enough. I actually did the ground work and delivered it to the town powers that be.  WE NEED SIGNS – ROAD SERVICE SIGNS – TO LET YOU THE PEOPLE KNOW WE ARE HERE.  Many  of our customers have suggested this, as have our townspeople.  It will not hurt the town. In fact it would help all of us including the historic district.  Nothing like letting all  on Hover Road, CO 119, Hwy 52 know we exist as a business district and more than a haystack, as necessary and loveable, especially this time of the year, as haystacks are.

We will add to this blog daily, I hope. and with guests from our many associates who help supply and build this store.

We will have room for feed back and contributions to the conversation.  We are developing and as with all development there is a learning curve. Working on it.

We enjoy and appreciate all of you. Stop by, ask questions, offer information and do correct us when we err.  We will try to take criticism positively.